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Create Success with Prosperity Coaching

Are you Ready for the P3 Advantage*
Prosperity ~ Profits ~ Peace of Mind?

"No problem can be solved from the same
level of consciousness that created it."

-- Albert Einstein

Beginning June 4, 2012:

Business Breakthrough and
Career Transformation Group Coaching

In this powerful business coaching program you will:

  • Identify your unique Key Success Factors through an in depth, personalized assessment and discovery process into the personal, work and lifestyle values, strengths, interests, skills and qualities that have made you successful so that you communicate effectively with confidence and purpose to attract new business.

  • Develop a clear and compelling message about your Unique Service Offer on why people should do business with you and not your competitors, so you can increase sales and establish yourself as a leader in your industry and community.

  • Serving = Selling - Learn and apply a simple holistic selling strategy that is not pushy and will increase one on one sales. This is a process of how serving others can make the sale for you.

  • Develop a referral network of like-minded entrepreneurs who help you grow your business.

  • Boost your sales and profits by learning the simple, yet powerful mental and spiritual laws of prosperity and abundance and learn how to harness and apply that universal energy to attract more clients and create more profits in your business.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are in alignment with your values, service and products, so that you can eliminate unnecessary stress, relax more, sleep better, enjoy improved relationships and make more money.
June 4 - July 30, 2012   8 Weeks   6-9pm Mondays
Class meets at my office:
1120 Nasa Parkway, Suite 220W
Houston, Texas 77058

The small group format provides you with the best of everything:

  • Limited class size,
  • Personal attention,
  • Synergistic group energy and support
  • Plus immediate $1,000 discount over individual coaching

Limit 4-6 students

Call me today at 832-864-2559 to schedule your Complimentary Activation Session!

I have a quick question for you:

"How's business these days?"

If your answer is "Great, better than ever!" Congratulations! My letter today is not for you, please feel free to pass it on. However, if that was not your answer, please read on....

At the same time I am asking you this question, many new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners are asking me:

  • "What can I offer to my clients and customers to add value to my products and /or services?"
  • "How can I make people want to do business with me?"
  • "How do I generate profits that I can feel good about?"
  • "How do I build my business on a foundation of integrity?"

These are very valid and important questions as we move forward in today's economic climate. Think about it, what do you value most in your business and customer relationships? What factors are you looking for when you make a purchase of goods or services?

It's not just the money, honey.

I believe today's customers and clients are looking for real value when they buy from you and me.

Repeat customers and savvy clients are hungry for integrity and results.

Today's business climate has spotlighted the importance of Leadership Integrity more than any other time in our history. Do you want to be a part of the new generation of business owners who will bring our business climate back to the basics of courtesy, common sense, and commitment?

Are you ready for Prosperity, Profits and Peace of Mind?

If you answered "yes”,

Contact me about creating "The Power of The P3 Advantage* - Prosperity, Profits and Peace of Mind" in your business and life NOW.

Creating a successful business is more than just a numbers game. Success requires vision, planning, commitment and action. ACTION means a CHANGE IN THOUGHT PROCESSES AND BEHAVIOR.

The most IMPORTANT aspect of creating a successful, profitable business is the MINDSET OF THE ENTREPERNEUR.

If you are you not experiencing the level of prosperity you desire in your business could it be due to limitations in one or more of the following areas?

  • Limited thinking, limited beliefs
  • Creating a solid, workable business plan
  • Developing a clear client profile with consistent marketing
  • Monitoring your progress in accordance with your business plan goals and objectives
  • Understanding and conveying what makes you and your services or products unique

I have coached hundreds of business owners past their limitations and into a successful mindset for prosperity.

Discover How You Can Make the Mental and Spiritual
Laws of Prosperity and Abundance Work for You

When you apply the mental and spiritual laws, you will find health, wealth, abundance and peace of mind. Most importantly, you will find an intimate connection with yourself and The Universe, Divine, Almighty, or who ever your higher power of being is. That intimate connection comes from the mindset you will create for it. And from the connection, you will receive the gifts you so rightly deserve. The gifts of health, wealth, abundance and peace of mind.

To achieve that mindset, you must first overcome any limiting thinking that is holding you back from your full potential.

Law of Attraction - The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't. You are already experiencing the Law of Attraction, it is always at work in your life, attracting people, jobs, situations and relationships to your life - some good, some not so good. Learn how to make the Law of Attraction work for you in your life by helping you eliminate the unwanted from your life and filling it up with the things that give you energy, prosperity and joy!

Powerful Business Prosperity Coaching

When you started your business, you didn't start it to continuously struggle, did you? You started your business because of your passion for it and its growth, correct? So, why are you struggling?

Learn how to bring success and prosperity to your business now.

My prosperity coaching packages will give you the tools you need to create success in your business. Prosperity begins with the right mindset.

  • Learn to re-shape your way of thinking to one of positivity, success and prosperity
  • Learn basic business practices to help you stay focused and on track
  • Discover your setbacks and overcome them
  • Learn how to visualize your goals and end results
  • Discover how to plant seeds for prosperity

Learn more about my powerful business prosperity coaching!

Start excelling in all areas of your life contact Prosperity Coaching Now!

Grab your copy of my "Home Based Business
Opportunities Confidential Report" and
also receive The Prospering Times Newsletter.
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